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Karmina was born and raised in Serbia. She moved to the United States in 2010 after graduating from university (in both Romanian and Spanish).She has always been in love with beauty, fashion, and makeup. In her teen years, she had problems with acne and became interested in skin care.

Being an esthetician and artist, she believes that the key to success lies in constantly improving yourself through education and practice. That’s why she often travels to Europe for continuing education and to learn from the best in this industry.

Why Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent technique offering the desired shape, style, and thickness for your eyebrows. Our Microblading in NYC, performed with Phibrows disposable tools, ensures meticulous attention to detail in shaping your brows. The results yield natural-looking yet defined brows. The process, taking 2-3 hours, provides enduring results for up to 2-3 years with proper care. Unlike tattooing, Microblading is relatively painless, facilitating a quick return to your daily routine. Ideal for women desiring daily beauty, Microblading in Forest Hills, Queens, NY, is complemented by our facial services in NYC, perfect for enhancing your overall beauty routine.

permanent Makeup?

Permanent Makeup is a one-step solution for all of your makeup needs. It is best suited for women who pay special attention to every detail of their appearance. This cosmetic technique helps you enhance specific features of your face, especially your eyes and lips. Not only can you boost the volume of your eyelashes by getting permanent eyeliner by permanent make-up clinic, you also get a hassle-free makeup routine since you won’t need to apply eyeliner daily. You can boost your lip color or restore it to your natural skin color with permanent lip makeup. The technique helps you get plumper lips, which dramatically changes your look. If you are a woman who believes in looking beautiful each day, permanent makeup in nyc is the right choice for you.

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Microblading Forest Hills, Queens, NYC

Microblading Services in Forest Hills, Queens, NYC

Eyes And Permanent Makeup NYC

Ideal Solution For Every Woman Who Wants To….

Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel Treatments Are Basically Used To..

let the world behold you in all your glory

Maintaining beauty requires time, effort, and investment. At Karmina Beauty Clinic in Forest Hills, Queens, NYC, we understand the importance of consistent care. Our beauty clinic in NYC offers high-quality services, ensuring you can achieve and sustain your desired level of beauty. Let us be your partner in the journey to everlasting beauty

Carolina Espinal
Carolina Espinal
Me gusto muchísimo la recomiendo 👌 👍 😊100%100primera vez que lo hice y me gusto mucho y un buen servicio tratan bien a su cliente
Miriam Perez
Miriam Perez
Karmina is a sweet and caring person. I am very satisfied with her work, she is very knowledgeable. The place is extremely clean, nice atmosphere and there is no waiting time, she’s always ready for your appointment. I do recommend her.
Max Miran
Max Miran
I had such an amazing experience at Karmina Beauty Clinic ! I’m so pleased with how my microbladed eyebrows turned out- if you’ve been wanting to get your brows done, then this is definitely the best place to go! Karmina is sooo talented! She worked a miracle for me!!!
Sandra People Williams
Sandra People Williams
My experience was great and the outcome and appreance of my new eyebrows is wonderful. I went from having no eyebrows to having eyebrows.
C Heyward
C Heyward
I’m in awe of my experience at Karmina’s. Calm bright atmosphere. Very friendly, professional. I had micro blading done and I’m in love with my eyebrows. Overtime my eyebrows had hair loss and I grow tired of trying to pencil them in. Now I have beautiful natural looking brows.Thank you Karmina. I have my confidence back.
Rebeca Moran
Rebeca Moran
Mi esperencia que tuve en este lugar fue excelente la atención gracias.
Camelia Grosu
Camelia Grosu
Karmina is the best!!! Super professional, highly educated and knowledgeable!!! I am completely satisfied with the microblading done a year ago! Highly recommended!!!
Sathi Ramnarine
Sathi Ramnarine
Karmina was attentive and understood exactly what I wanted. She showed me different shapes and we loved the thicker fuller look and she gave me exactly that. She was and is amazing at what she does. She does an entire line of skin care services also. Her prices are the best and her knowledge is vast. Her bedside manners are amazing. Her work space is spotless.
Sophie Elisabeth Victoria
Sophie Elisabeth Victoria
After a lot of research as hesitation I decided to schedule an appointment for microblading with Karmina that welcomed me with her sympathy, which actually is influencing this review as I am limiting the terms of describing the undesired result that was all I did not ask for as I was very specific when I showed pictures, described and also marked. The 2 pictures says more than 1000 words as the 3 one shows the brows after the necessary laser removal and new cosmetic tattoo using a mix between microblading and shading – still needing a touch-up
Marko Emporio
Marko Emporio
I had problem with acne scars for years.I tried lot of treatments,but microneedeling after only 1 treatment gave me really good results and made me satisfied.I plann 3 more treatments every 3 weeks to make it perfect.Karmina is really professional and pays attention on every detail to make 100% satisfaction.I am really satisfied to have her to continue to take care about my skin and I can highly recommend 👍

Advanced, Safe, and Effective Cosmetic Equipment

and her experienced staff at Karmina Beauty Clinic in New York look forward to helping you with discreet, bespoke care to cater to your aesthetic requirements. Our standard of brilliance ensures personalized attention from a certified team of aestheticians who are skilled in a range of cosmetic procedures. Our beauty clinic is dedicated to providing our clients with the best, highly advanced, and safe cosmetic procedures in a compassionate and friendly environment. Our modern equipment helps us achieve outstanding results with minimal discomfort.

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Permanent makeup

Permanent Makeup NYC

Our permanent makeup NYC are ideal for women who
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Lash lifts NYC

Lash Lift Is A Great Alternative To False Lashes,

Facial Treatment NYC

This Facial Treatment Is Good For Anyone Who….

Microneedling NYC

Microneedling is a cosmetic therapy that involves

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Permanent Makeup NYC: Our permanent makeup NYC are ideal for women who lead active lifestyles that don’t allow them the time they need to keep up with their beauty demands on a daily basis. The permanent makeup process includes a thorough assessment of your face, following which certain changes are made to your lips and eyes. The result is a much more beautiful version of you, who is sure to blow the world away!

Microblading NYC: It becomes really annoying for women when the only things standing between them and beauty are their eyebrows. Women around the world spend thousands of dollars every year to sort out their eyebrows. However, with our microblading NYC, Queens, and Forest Hills, you are guaranteed beautiful eyebrows without having to visit your preferred salon once every now and then. The microblading process involves the use of precise pencils and needles to craft eyebrows that are as close to perfect as you can possibly imagine. While the process itself takes 2-3 hours to complete, you can sustain its results for up to 3 years if you maintain it well.

Lash lifts NYC: If you want perfect eyelashes, Karmina Beauty Clinic is the right place for you. Our lash lifting services have been designed to give you eyelashes that are superbly shaped. They appear much fuller and longer as well, and that’s why lash lifts have become popular. The best thing about lash lifts? Almost zero maintenance!

Facial Treatment NYC: Just because you want to look beautiful does not mean that you have to invest in lash lifts, microblading, or permanent makeup. Sometimes, all you need is a good old-fashioned facial. At Karmina Beauty Clinic – Forest Hills, Queens, New York, we offer eyelashes and facials that are bound to bring more glow and radiance to your face.