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Due to global pandemic Covid-19, Karmina Beauty Clinic was not operational since March 2020. But as the circumstances are being looked upon and new safety measures are being taken all over the world, they are very happy and excited to announce we are open since 6th July 2020 after such a prolonged closure. 

As per Government directives, protective measures have been taken in the beauty clinic and new kits for Karmina Beauty Team have been deployed, and wearing a mask has been made mandatory for all in order to ensure client safety. All the guidelines that fall under CDC will remain in effect in their beauty clinic. Appointments will be given to the clients in such a manner that social distancing will be maintained in the beauty clinic. All the equipment will be thoroughly sterilized in front of the clients before usage. The waiting area, the treatment area, and the consulting area will also be thoroughly cleaned after each appointment. They will make certain that there is no unnecessary physical contact between the staff and the clients.

Bobbi Brown once said, “I believe that all women are pretty without makeup – but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful”.

Karmina Beauty Clinic is open for eyebrows and eyeliner tattoo. 

  • Permanent Makeup is a cosmetic tattooing technique that implements tattoos to permanently enhance the skin tone of the face, lips, cheeks, eyelids, and even eyebrows. These services are basically adopted by those who are too busy or who want to save time and money or who need facial reconstruction. They surely promise to achieve your dream appearance. 
  • Microblading Treatment includes a manual process of creating semi-permanent eyebrows using a fine pointed blade that helps to design eyebrows by applying pigmentation under the skin. Karmina Beauty Clinic legit creates the appearance of a natural-looking brow.

Karmina Beauty Clinic New York was founded by very passionate and hardworking Karmina Lacku who practices as a licensed Esthetician, licensed Tattoo Artist, licensed Permanent Makeup Artist, and Phibrows Artist. She came to New York in 2010 with a dream of becoming a beautician and helping people having skincare issues and making them feel confident under their own skin. Karmina spent a couple of years researching various techniques, studied a huge range of products and skincare methods after she came to New York to fulfill her dream. Thus, after so much time and hard-work, Karmina Beauty Clinic New York has finally achieved a great deal of recognition and respect from clients all over New York and even from clients who belong to different cities of the USA.

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